Sunday, June 12, 2016

Here are some more of our Autumn poems.

Autumn Poem

Golden leaves swirling crazily in the wind.
Chocolate brown hot chocolate falls cosily down
my belly.
Freezing wind running slowly past my face. 
Pounding rain spitting loudly on my roof.
Scarlet soup bubbling round and round.
Strong lightning flashes bright in the sky.
Onesies cuddly warm cosy on my body
Fire flickers bright in the dark.
Trees filled with mixed colours 
Green,  yellow, Brown,Golden,  Red

Autumn is our season now.

By Lavidicus.

Autumn Poem
Delicious pizza drips cheese slowly on the plate.
Burning fire drops scaredly as I pass it.
Golden leaves swirl crazily in the wind.
Chocolate brown hot chocolate oozes in the cup.
Lighting flash blinds the night.
Dead trees lash to the wind.
Cold wind sneaks quietly inside.
Hot heaters fight the wind.
Small apples fall swiftly from the tree.
Warm morning sun wakes me to chirping.
Golden waffles slurped slowly.
Tasty food reaches my mouth.

By Jacob Rush

      Autumn poem

Golden leaves shaking trees.
Hot soup bubbling in the pot.
NZ is painted with leaves.
So raking season starts.
Ice cold wind swirling strongly
through the air.
We have reached the point of

By Hayden Sutherland

Autumn Poem

Pounding rain spitting loudly on the roof,
Bare branches falling noisily,
Lovely brown hot chocolate falling cosily in a cuppa,
Thick quilt shifting coldly under cover,
Red Trees swaying icily in the strong winds,
Green slippers floating around my house,
Strong lightning flashing brightly in the night,  
White coldness falling from the sky,
Burning embers dropping out of the fireplace,
Pouring rain making a river on the ground,
Winter is slowly coming.
By Jordan Wheater

Autumn Poem

Wind swirling leaves through the air.
Lightning thrashing loudly.
Birds migrate quietly.
Frost covering grass.
Rain falls over everything.
Warm fires.
Delicious hot chocolate.
Trees swaying violently.
Grass swaying crazily.
Branches snapping instantly.
Hail falling everywhere.
Autumn is here
By Levi

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Last week really felt like Autumn was here & Summer was over.

Here are some of Rm 14's  Autumn poems.

Look out for more next week.
                                     Autumn Poem

Yellow lightning  flashes brightly in the air.

Thunder rumbles like a bulldozer.

Icy hail lashes loudly on the roof.

Orange leaves swirls crazily in the wind like a tornado.

Some animals hibernating  quietly for winter.

Scary sharks migrating fast to warm water.

Burning fire popping warm embers.

Delicious hot chocolate bubbling warmly down my throat.

Autumn is a wonderful season with colours everywhere

by Sam A

Autumn Poem

Lighting flashing brightly in the sky.
Warm hot chocolate dripping in a cuppa.
Brown apples falling around my house.
Burning pizza dropping on the plate.
Brown leaves swirling around in the wind.
Strong rain spitting loudly in the sky.
Brown branches falling around the tree.
Red apples dropping slowly in the lawn mower.
Freezing hail crashing on the roof.

That's the things I like about Autumn  

By Jake A

Rendered Image

Golden leaves swirl in the wind.
Thunder rolls in with the lighting.
Is starts to get colder.
Rain starts spitting.
My glasse get wet and I can't see through them.
My tummy gets filled with soup.
Round and round the wind rumbles.
Sleet shots down.
Birds stop chirping.
Animals hibernate.
Rain falls and makes a river. by Ryan D

Image result for autumn theme 

Autumn Poem           

Golden leaves swirling crazily.

Freezing wind making me wear warm clothes.

Pizza dripping on my plate.

Lighting flashing in the sky.

Maple syrup dripping onto my pancake.

Sun weakly shining.

Frost fogging my glasses.

Money spent getting warm.

Fruit growing.

Flowers going away

Autumn is here once again

by Will H

Golden soup bubbling warmly in a bowl.
Hot chocolate
Lightning flashing
Thunder rumbles.
Leaves swirling slowly through the air.
Spitting fire in the grate
Sparks bright in the sky.
Melting chocolate dripping in a big bowl.
Autumn is here.

By Lorenzo


                        In the air,
                                                  Round and round,
                          Through the air,
                                                    Leaves go round,
                          That’s my autumn                                    
                                         Pounding rain spitting
                            Loudly on the roof,
                                                    Thunder roaring
                            Through the wind,
                                                   That’s my Autumn
                              Golden leaves swirling
                             Golden leaves swirling
                                                         into tornadoes,
                             That’s my Autumn
                                            Chocolatey milo falls
                              Into my mouth,
                                               Golden burning fire
                            Warming my heart,
                                                 That’s my Autumn
by Joella J

Autumn Poem
Golden leaves swirling crazily in the wind.
Delicious pizza dipping cheese on the plate.
Strong lightning flashes brightly in the sky.
Weak branches snap and fall  noisily.
Pounding rain spitting loudly on the roof.  
Brown hot chocolate dripping into my mouth.
Warm fire turning into ash.
Thunder rumbling like  a earthquake.
Summer is done and autumn is here.

By Matthew J

Autumn Poem

Weak planets spins slowly

Hot pizza sits quietly on the plate

Wet rain tumbles quickly to earth

Thick coats slowly warm people

Gold leaves tumble scaredly towards the lawn mower

Gummie trees sizzle furiously on the fire

Scarlet rain of leaves fall to the ground.

by Tennyson M


Sunday, May 22, 2016

What have Room 14 been learning?

In Room 14 we have been learning about hypothermia with Mr Iles. We had to research it and find information. When we had done that we had to make a poster about it we put lots of facts on it. Then we drew some pictures about it and we also coloured in the pictures and poster.  There were facts like:
  • anyone or thing can get hypothermia
  • do not go swimming in really really cold water
  • it's good to keep really warm in cold weather
  • in cold weather, always wear a beanie or gloves and lots of layers of clothes.

By Isla Mackenzie room 14

Our "All About Me" personal portraits are gradually being completed, what a lot of hard work and perseverance.  

Well done - Devlin, Sian and Amelie!!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Term 1 - Weeks 7 and 8

The students have now finished their portrait borders and they are building on their learning to create their personal portraits.  
We have one finished so far - Well done Baromey!
Hopefully our descriptive writing will be ready to share with you this week too.